Other relevant EDMs and their MPs

The purpose of gathering these Early Day Motions (EDMs) is to gather names and ‘profiles’ of potentially supportive MPs:

1. Regarding the FOUNDATION of The Rule of Law in a democracy:

2. Regarding the CAUSES of Dishonest Money and National Debts as the deadly embrace between the Bank of England and the Treasury:

3. Regarding the EFFECTS of Money as Debt also known as Credit as the Rule of Money instead of the Rule of Law:

4. Regarding Unnecessary Spending Cuts

5. With respect to Policy:

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2 Responses

  1. […] In Support of Victims of Financial Exploitation and Legal Oppression Hello and Happy New 2011!No matter whether you, like Lewis Nicholson with his "Victim of Judicial Fraud" shirt, have come to any of our meetings in Westminster before, you are invited to join us on Tuesday, January 25th! Under the auspices of our Chairman Austin Mitchell MP, I looked for support from other MPs, especially those who have signed Early Day Motions (EDMs) covering issues that are relevant to our causes. […]

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