Case Stories to Enforce the Act

Victims Unite! has been built

  • to publicise victim stories
  • to find common denominators
  • to help victims advance their cases
  • to fight the common causes together.


  • sharing information about the how and why these dreadful things are happening to us
  • what we can do about them
  • how we can best communicate with “the system” that has failed us and let us down.

My particular approach consists in:

  • gathering case stories
  • encouraging victims to work with their MP
  • get MPs to work together.

Since our meeting on 25 Jan 2011, the following avenues are being pursued:

  • our Chairman Austin Mitchell MP is part of the consultation for the Economic Crime Agency
  • he will ask the Government whether they will stage a public inquiry into white collar crime
  • he is writing to the Justice and the Busienss Committee to see whether they will investigate white collar crime.

One Response to “Case Stories to Enforce the Act”

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    […] Unite started in August 2010 by publishing individual cases that were begun on Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694. Since then […]

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