Why I Published Miss A’s Case on Vicky Haigh’s website


This is to confirm that, following the publication of my website www.vickyhaigh.wordpress.com in May this year, Ms Jo Dean consulted with me because her case was ever so similar.

I have received many emails from her and she sent me a number of documents. But as a system analyst, software designer and web publisher, I have hardly any court experience. Hence, as in all victim stories, I was struggling to make sense out of the puzzle pieces, before being able to publish anything coherent and sensible.

Whilst updating Vicky Haigh’s website recently, I eventually published some of Ms Dean’s documents – without her knowledge or consent, trying to put them into an appropriate context – as one of many cases that have come to my attention – of UK Social Services stealing children aka state kidnapping.

In the same spirit, I also published The Secrecy of the Family Courts should be lifted NOW which has attracted 537 signatures and nearly 6,000 page views to date. The Twitter page on David Tune, the perpetrator in Vicky Haigh’s case, has been viewed over 38,000 times. It was published as one of 14 superinjunctions, as the only one relating to child abuse. The Untold story of gagging orders published by The Independent points out that only 69 gagging orders apply to celebrities, while 264 of them apply to children and young adults.

Given that I am publishing information for and about many victims of white collar crimes, I was following Jeremy Bentham’s quote: Publicity is the very soul of justice. It is the surest of all guards against improbity. It keeps the judge himself, while trying, under trial.

However, in my experience, publicity does not keep solicitors from acting unethically. Hence there are websites such as Solicitors from Hell or Crooked Lawyers with an interesting video by one victim.

My first websites concentrated on publicising the CAUSES of monetary ills. Lately I concentrated on victims as the EFFECTS. A full history can be viewed here.

It is a great shame to notice that Law and Order have been replaced by Crime and Disorder. As an analyst it seems to me that the legal profession is to blame more than the financial one. Hence my blog www.edm1297.info, based on the writers of the law in 1694 who tried to avoid the serious oppression of Their Majesties’ subjects when the founded The Bank of England – the mother of the creation of dishonest money.

This dishonest money system is criminogenic, i.e. it engenders crime. Two German lawyers are publishing warning signs of this Sunday becoming a repeat of 9/11 in Manhattan: on the opening of the women’s world cup – as the worst of all crimes: state terrorism.

I only wish that more men had their hearts and minds in the right place rather than hurt women and their children. After all, they were children themselves! Do they need to take some sort of revenge?

Sighingly yours,

Sabine K McNeill   [Profile on LinkedIn]


Blogger, Victims Unite! > 30,000 visits since August 2010
… Empowering victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression

Web Publisher, Vicky Haigh requesting her daughter to return > 6,000 hits in less than two months
… after Doncaster “Social” Services handed her to her paedophile father

Online Petitioner, The Secrecy of Family Courts should be lifted NOW
… after having heard about too many heart wrenching stories

National Co-ordinator, Forum for Stable Currencies – meetings in Westminster since 1998
… Advocating Economic Democracy through Freedom from National Debt


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T: 0049 33876 90166 – M: 07968 039 141

Sent: 23 June 2011 09:42
To: sabine@3d-metrics.com; ian@monaco.com
Subject: Fw: Recent Case Law

Dear Sabine

Please can you do this and send to me by return.  I am facing jail without it, even though I did not put this information out.

From: Ian Josephs

Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2011 7:56 AM

Subject: Re: Recent Case Law


Get a letter from Sabine saying you consulted her for advice and support in your case and that she put it on the internet without your knowledge or consent, and has now removed details at your request;They cannot convict you unless you are foolish enough to be persuaded by treacherous lawyers to plead guilty ! PLEAD NOT GUILTY !!!


—– Original Message —–

To: Ian Josephs ; Victoria Haigh ; Sabine K McNeill

Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2011 1:41 AM

Subject: Re: Recent Case Law

They are asking for a retrial due to what has been put on the Internet. The cps has written seeking my recommittal and we have now lost any hope of recovering our costs from winning the criminal appeal. I expect to be arrested and taken back to the island to restand trial for abduction any day now. This is catastrophic.  It seems my own lawyers did this to me by alerting the court to what was put on the Internet.

6 thoughts on “Why I Published Miss A’s Case on Vicky Haigh’s website

  1. You must all face upto the truth! The CPS conspires with Local Authorities
    in order to rack-up legal costs against the targeted “victim” anyone and I mean anyone who dares to challenge their “secret enslavement” by HM
    Govnt. is computor tagged at all Govnt. Agencies as “non-compliant” or
    “vexatious” all civil servants in HMRC, police, school heads. CAB. etc. etc. know you are stigmatised in this manner.

    Other civil servants who do not know you or have any idea of the truth
    go along with the system, In their in house jokes you are down as the awkward squad because you even dared to challenge authority !( no
    matter how corrupted that authority is )

    Every solicitor is a member of the supreme court of England ( in our case )
    and like ALL Councillors. MPs, Judges, Police, they ALL swear allegiance to the queen. We live in a Banana republic but it,s called a monarchy,

    The queen swore an Oath at her coronation giving her subjects access to justice! she is a traitor to her people because nobody gets justice, and
    We are ALL now Europeans and the Roma get more action & respect from
    the European Justice Commission than any UK Resident.

    The Courts are hm.courts, manned by HMCS personnel, “victims”
    ” non compliants” are persecuted by Crown Prosecution CPS, the
    Magistrates, judges, Solicitors all swear allegiance to the queen and the police are HM goon squad.

    Where is the Fair Hearing or Trial by an Independent IMPARTIAL
    tribunal or court WHERE is this IMPARTIALITY demanded and required
    by the European Convention of Human Rights ? When the monarch has
    the oath and allegiance of all the so-called law enforcement agencies !

    It,s BIASED all the rotten way through ! Please Please see the truth that
    stares you in the Face. Democracy What democracy, secret injunctions
    to gag the truth and to maintain secret enslavement.

    The CPS conspire with local authorities, police, etc.to ensure you are denied those Fundamental Rights other Europeans enjoy, even so-called
    illegal immigrants get their Human Rights as the papers keep telling us,
    in order to ridicule Human Rights they cerainly dont support Mothers
    Rights or Her Childrens Rights do they ?

    The ” do gooders ” “royalists” and other assholes will not accept the
    Birmingham Six were ” fitted up” ” Steve Kisco ” innocent of any murder
    but no cop, solicitor, or other govent agent was ever charged with
    conspiracy to pervert justice, the corruption is rife and until there is
    an independent impartial investigatory body to pursue these official
    criminals, miscarriages of justice will only get worse because they
    know the public are a pathetic bunch of idiots that deserve abusing
    circa G20 manslaugther.

  2. I have been struggling for sometime on why are Social Services
    are removing babies at birth from the Mother. It seems to me to
    have a sinister purpose.

    I recollect that the Nazi,s had a ” breeding programme ” wherebye
    they selected mothers & fathers of in their terms ” the master race”
    in fact they were referred to as ” baby farms ”

    Now why would you want babies ? they are dam noisy and messy in
    fact only aother can cope with-one.

    I feel the answer is some group or other wants to rear children who are heartless, unfeeling, selfish do as they are told robots, these robots will be found jobs in the control services of the new world order, there must be some out there already as no police officer as showed any compassion or humanity in snatching babies from mothers, If they were human they
    would object to this disgusting work. ” I was only following orders guv.”
    is no reason for stealing-kidnapping babies !

    Come on police explain you disgusting behaviour !

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